The Normago Structures have the best cost/performance ratio due to the less intervention of skilled labor and the low percentage of losses of raw materials and materials during construction.

Construction time

The construction time is less than 1/3 compared with the conventional construction.

All unions from the LSF are screwed: steel/steel and steel/OSB.

The steel beams have high strength and low weight, therefore it is not necessary the installation of a crane on site.


The light steel structures have high seismic resistance because of the flexibility of the construction system, since the entire structure be screwed.

The durability of the LSF constructions is also high due to the basic characteristics of the steel and to the low need for maintenance over the years.


In terms of internal area, the space available is larger since the section of the walls is reduced.

This construction system provides greater freedom and creativity at architectural level, enabling designs with large voids and consoles with various dimensions.

Thermal and Acoustic Isolation21156-6

These buildings have an unmatched quality in terms of isolation, providing greater comfort and significant savings in energy, either for heating or cooling.

Construction Project

Normago performs structural rehabilitation in Normago, from design licensing to construction of buildings.

The Projects executed by Norporto include all stages from conception to final construction of the buildings. This process has great advantages for the owner of the Project, since all responsibility for the structural parts are confined to only one company.

Sustainable Construction22044-2

The method of construction in LSF uses no polluting materials and reduces about 70% of energy consumption.

The CO2 emissions are also lower and all materials used in construction can be recycled.

Apart from the fact the steel scraps are reused, OSB is also one material 100% sustainable.

Exterior Aspect

The final exterior appearance of buildings constructed with Normago system is very similar to that of the ones built with conventional systems. However, the great advantage of the buildings constructed in LSF consists in maintaining fresh and new look for a long time, without leaks, cracks or faded colors.