About Us


The Normago – Building Rehabilitation, Ltd is a construction company that results from the accumulated experience of about 20 years of construction specialized in the rehabilitation of buildings.

In the area of ​​LSF we have over 10 years of experience with several dozen works carried out, consolidating its activity in the market to become a benchmark in the industry.

Over the years we have devoted attention to the growing market demands, leading the company to a constant emphasis on cutting edge technologies and innovative materials. Perform complete works, from the structural design to finishing.

This challenge does not affect the excellent quality / price ratio we provide in all construction and rehabilitation works.

We are a company organized and one of the national leaders in construction Normago (or LSF), a structural building system in light weight steel, having performed several dozen works using this system.

We are partners of Porto Vivo, SRU – Urban Rehabilitation Society, having already held dozens of works in the historic center of Oporto.

We are entitled to carry out works of considerable scale and complexity, being a reference for quality and innovation in response to their clients: individuals, condominiums and businesses.