Normago is a construction system where steel is the principal structural material. It is external and internally coated with industrialized high quality elements, which give the final product durability, comfort and safety.

All profiles are screwed according to a project previously submitted.

The word Light designates a light construction, which means  that the steel used is achieved  by shaping (in cold-shaping  process) a steel plate with low hp-1thickness.

The shapes of the profiles is achieved through bending or profiling.


The metal profiles used have low weight. From there, the full name Light Gauge Steel Framing or, in other words, light steel structures.

The term Light also emphasizes flexibility, since it allows any type of interior and exterior finish. In addition, the self-weight of the building is low, not only because its structure is light, but also hp-2because  the Normago is used for buildings of  low height.

The other components of the system are:

  • Galvanized steel profiles
  • Screws
  • OSB Plates