LSF – Rehabilitation in Amial (Porto)

The Normago is currently fully rehabilitating a building in the Amial Zone in Oporto.

The original building had a slab with wood frame and two floors: one ground floor with a right foot of 1.7 m and a 1st floor with a right foot with 3.2 m.

The project consists of the complete demolition of the interior of the building and execution of a slab in Normago that divides the building in two floors with 2.45 m in height. The work also includes all finishings and coverage replacement. The existing slab was used to perform the new slab in LSF, having been demolished only after its completion.

The entrance coordinate had to be maintained so it was a portico structure was created in the lobby zone at a lower elevation than the inner ledge.

At the ground floor level there are no pillars – the entire structure was secured to the existing stones. The existing exterior walls were reinforced with concrete beams and Normago profiles.

The interior floor slab have a thickness of 250 mm, filled with OSB panels with cork to receive the floating floor.

The interior partition walls were built with LSF structural profiles.

The inner face of the exterior walls are covered with plasterboards with air box.