LSF – Rehabilitation in Gondomar

The rehabilitation performed by Normago in a regime of “design and build”, consists of performing a structure in Normago supported by two brick walls of granite with an increment of a console with 2.0 m.

The exterior finish of the facade and roof were executed in camarinha in black zinc (Anthra). The window sills are in zinc and were designed to embed the electric blind chute so that the exterior view of the metalwork is uniform throughout its perimeter. The design of the windowsill has been studied and engineered with a flap to ensure the adjustment of the Normago to to their finishings. The cover has a thermal insulation with 60 mm of XPS plus high density stone wool fiber applied to the interior, over the plasterboard.

The 2 existing granite walls were reinforced with steel mesh and the implementation of a lintel crowning around the perimeter. The entire structure was performed by Norporto own staff. The “Capoto” was applied at the ground floor level. Technically, it was a complex work with the structure being executed in a record time of 5 weeks, under very adverse weather conditions.

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